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New Ways to Work and Increase Productivity

The development of Industry 4.0 affects many industries, including the Manufacturing industry. The era of digitalization has established itself as part of efforts to improve product quality and productivity. To follow the global industrial revolution, Indonesia has committed to implementing Industry 4.0, which can accelerate its vision.

In this Industry 4.0 era, iForte has experience supporting customers era in the Manufacturing industry in effective and efficient ways, such as artificial intelligence, human-machine interfaces, IoT, and even automation of production processes.

Different industries face different challenges, so we offer solutions that would fit your business needs.
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Our Success Stories

“For us, iForte is one of the ISP solutions to answer company needs, with an approach which balances speed, competitive price, & better quality”

Christianto Subagio, Head of IT, Orang Tua Group