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Creating Great Learning Activities Through Advanced Technology

In the industry sector, we have all been made aware of the fourth revolution's emergence: Industry 4.0. The process has taken place and brought striking changes in the last two years. More than a few industries were disturbed because they were unable to adapt to the presence of industrial revolution 4.0.

Through its intelligent connectivity solutions, iForte supports human resources' quality by serving the needs of educational technology and streamlining educational activities. iForte is a trusted partner that helps education institutions to develop reliable solutions and services, a high-quality network you can rely on.

With iForte, strengthen and modernize your connectivity infrastructure to achieve your vision of providing an excellent learning experience. iForte has experience in serving the needs of the Education sector to provide steady and stable communication services.

Different industries face different challenges, so we offer solutions that would fit your business needs.
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Our Success Stories

“Reliable and trustworthy partner. The truly Internet Provider that knows you, a teammate that will provide you beyond what you need”

Hidayat Gunawan, Head of IT, Jakarta Intercultural School

“High Performance level of network and connectivity right from the beginning. A very minimum downtime. The endless and proactive support from the team are tremendous, something that rarely provided from other providers”

Lien - Lien, Director and Business Manager of Global Jaya School