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Digital Business Plan Competition for UKM

iFortepreneur 2024

The process of digitizing SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) involves initiatives undertaken by stakeholders in the field to accelerate the advancement of their individual enterprises through digital transformation. Currently, adopting digital technology is imperative for local enterprises to remain competitive in today's dynamic market environment. Businesses are compelled to adapt to digital platforms and services spanning various industries to cultivate a more efficient and productive business environment.

iFortepreneur 2024 embodies iForte's commitment to establishing an interconnected infrastructure that facilitates an enhanced, digitally-driven lifestyle. Through iFortepreneur 2024, iForte offers a multitude of systematically planned activities aimed at fostering learning opportunities, knowledge sharing, and competitions centered around the concept of digitizing SMEs.

iFortepreneur 2024 is supported by Impactto and an array of media partners, all collaborating to deliver a competitive experience that engages skilled entrepreneurs and prominent industry experts well-versed in the realm of SMEs and the digital domain.