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iForte Dedicated Internet Connection service is the right solution for various digital communication needs in the enterprise (corporate) sector. We are committed to providing fast and stable connections to support your business and enhance your productivity.

iForte realizes that Internet Connection services are vital for customer's business continuity, especially to increase productivity and serve their respective clients.

That's why we provide the Internet Connection Service, supported by fiber-optic network media access, both wireless and VSAT. Customers could select the best option for building the communication network they need along with its various advantages.

Our Service Features


iForte International Private Leased Circuit technology offers a world-class secure & reliable end-to-end connectivity for all your communication needs.

Dark Fiber

This service was created by iForte exclusively for customers who need high capacity when operating their fiber-optic network infrastructure.

Benefit of iForte Services

24/7 Customer Support

Dukungan Customer Support 24/7

Our team always standby 24/7 to help you stay connected

Wide Coverage and Integrated Solutions

Dukungan Customer Support 24/7

We build and operate credible nationwide integrated infrastructure connectivity

Network Security

Dukungan Customer Support 24/7

As a trusted partner to 1400+ companies, we are consistently committed to implementing network security procedures.

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dukungan Customer Support 24/7

We provide fast dedicated connectivity services that cover your need and reliable high-speed connectivity

High Standard Quality

Dukungan Customer Support 24/7

With 99.5% Service Level Agreement