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Company Profile

iForte is committed to being a trusted partner who always provides the best service to support our clients' businesses.

Management Team

The iForte management team is passionately committed to creating trusted infrastructure connectivity services that impact customer productivity and Indonesia's economic growth.

Ferdinandus Aming Santoso

CEO & President Director

<p>Mr. Aming Santoso is the CEO &amp; President Director of iForte.<br /><br />He also currently serves as President Director of Protelindo, President Director of SMN, and Commissioner of PT. Grand Indonesia.<br /><br />Prior to joining Djarum Group, Mr. Santoso worked as a Partner at Ernst &amp; Young Jakarta's Corporate Finance Division as well as a Business Advisory Partner at Arthur Andersen Global Corporate Finance Jakarta.<br /><br />Mr. Aming Santoso received his bachelor degree from Tarumanagara University Jakarta in 1988 with a major in Accounting.</p>

Silvi Liswanda

Vice President Director & Deputy CEO

<p>Mrs. Silvi is our Vice President Director of Marketing &amp; Sales since 2019. Previously from 2016 to 2019, she was iForte's Director of Sales.<br /><br />Before joining iForte, she had experience leading several strategic positions, including Deputy Sales and Marketing Director of SCTV, Corporate Sales GM of PT Linknet, and other positions in the Insurance &amp; Financial Services industry.<br /><br />She graduated from Atmajaya University in Yogyakarta with a bachelor's degree in economics.</p>

Rony Ardhitia

Vice President Director of Technology and Operation

<p>Mr. Rony serves as Vice President Director of Technology and Operations.<br /><br />He is a professional in the telecommunications industry with 20 years of experience and has been involved in strategic projects in the field of network design and telecommunications in Indonesia.<br /><br />Joined iForte in 2016, after previously serving as Deputy CTO for PT. Linknet, Tbk., and PT. Firstmedia, Tbk.<br /><br />He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Satya Wacana University Salatiga.</p>


Director & Chief of Strategic Business Development

<p>Mr. Hartono Tanuwidjaya has been appointed as the Finance Director of iForte since June 2018. He is a professional in Finance and Accounting for more than 30 years.<br /><br />Before joining iForte, he had led several senior positions in various companies with various industry backgrounds, including manufacturing, trading, and consulting firm in Jakarta.<br /><br />He completed his education with a Bachelor of Economics from Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, in 1992.</p>

Handoko Siputro

Director & Chief of Procurement and AP

<p>Mr. Handoko has joined iForte since 2019. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Directors and responsible for the Procurement and Account Payable divisions. Before joining iForte, he had experience working in several telecommunications companies, including Edotco Group, Axiata, PT XL Axiata, and PT Ariawest International.<br /><br />Mr. Handoko holds a bachelor's degree from Trisakti University in Mechanical Engineering and a master's degree in Management from the University of Indonesia.</p>

Vision & Mission

Vision iForte

To be a leading provider of telecommunication infrastructure and services that delivers value to all stakeholders.

Mission iForte

To achieve our vision by providing excellent product and services to our clients and by supporting our employees to achieve their success.

Our Work Culture

We want to create a future of inspiration and enthusiasm that positively impacts the lives of Indonesians, based on our two decades of experience in the Indonesian telecommunications industry.


Proactively participate as part of a team to achieve goals by always working together with peers, superiors, and subordinates (horizontally or vertically).


Listens carefully and shows professionalism and mutual respect in communicating with peers, superiors, and subordinates (horizontally or vertically).


All activities and collaborations are carried out in a coordinated manner following standard operating procedures, company policies, work plans, company budgets, and leadership instructions to be aligned and achieve the same goals.


Stay united in all the joys and sorrows, never giving up in facing various challenges.


Maintain courtesy, mutual respect, and tolerance (tolerance) in dealing with all employees and colleagues in the company.



iForte focuses on its business on Infrastructure Connectivity based on Fiber Optic cables, wireless and VSAT.


PT. Protelindo, a subsidiary of PT. Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk. (TOWR) acquired 100% of iForte's shares.


iForte began building an optical cable network in Jakarta and shifted its focus to telco infrastructure.


Feb 7, 2002, PT iForte Solusi Infotek was established and started running the VSAT, ISP & IT outsourcing business.

Whistle Blowing System

The company implements a Whistle Blowing System (WBS) policy, which is protection for employees who report information on the occurrence of fraud/embezzlement, violations of rules & laws, violations of Company Regulations, Employment Agreements, Code of Conduct, and other written policies.

Employees who have this information can report it to the whistleblowing team, via email to: whistle.blower@iforte.info

Each information must include detailed chronological information about the incident, accompanied by justifiable evidence.

Every form of complaint from the Whistle Blower System will be further processed objectively and professionally based on the Whistle Blower System's policy.

The company provides legal protection following the reporter's applicable laws, including the reporter's family. It ensures that the reporter will not be harmed or receive threats, dismissal, demotion, exclusion, harassment, discrimination, and unfair treatment.