Tower & Tower Fiberization

Smart Solution for Metro City

Site List

iFORTE has more than 3.000 Km+ Fiber Optic Cable Network in Jakarta metropolitan area alone, 1.270 Monopoles ready and 7 BTS Hotels to pool closest BTS/BBU.

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Tower & Tower Fiberization Technology

Whatever challenges are faced by Telco operators today? We have the solutions available with the following scopes.

  • Technology
  • Frequency Spectrum (License)
  • Throughput / Speed
  • Capacity
  • Subscriber Behavior
  • Local Government Policy (Metro smart city)


Possessing more than 500 micro cell poles (MCPs), spread in high-potential subscriber areas in Jakarta and vast 750 KM Fiber Optic Network in Jakarta metropolitan as of December 2015, iForte is  a leading BTS Hotel solution provider.

The number is expected to grow rapidly in the years to come.

This BTS Hotel concept is the answer to Telco’s operator challenge to keep up with the tremendous growth of bandwidth demand and subscriber base.

It provides more efficient Bandwidth management and is compatible with the latest technology from 2G GSM (HSDPA) to 4G LTE. Moreover, the use of fiber optic cable, which has huge transmission bandwidth, replaces the need for microwave links, which has not only limited bandwidth but also interference problems caused by overcrowded frequency spectrum usage especially for Metro cities like Jakarta.  

Furthermore, cell splitting from macro cell into micro cells allows better network coverage and quality.

Last but not least, micro cell poles (BTS Hotel) concept in many cases become the only viable solution to build sites in metropolitan cities such as Jakarta, where it is immensely difficult to acquire sites and to get permits.

Essentially BTS Hotel concept produces the following great benefits: 

·         Cell Splitting (more capacity)

·         Huge Transmission Bandwidth (higher speed)

·         Lower Antenna Height (close to users; better signal quality)

·         Modern City Esthetics (less community resistance)

Thus, we are introducing this concept also to other cities:

For more info, please contact our Technical Sales Support.