SKYFiBER – UltraFast Internet Broadband up to 100 Mbps
is a service for ultrafast broadband internet access via wireless.

iFORTE uses the same technology installed by high class Broadband Wireless Operator Worldwide. We are the first operator in Indonesia that offers dedicated wireless internet speed up to 100 Mbps. Through our PoP (Point of Present) we set everything up for you from the installation of the antenna to the connection to the internet, provided there are no obstacles between our PoP to your locations.





  • SKYFiBER provides you with an ideal solution

for business connectivity that is affordable and highly reliable.

  • SKYFiBER gives you a dedicated configuration

allowing us to guarantee high standards of service.
We provide proven & tested highspeed connection up to100 Mbps.

  • Strong and Reliable Network

SKYFIBER connects directly from IFORTE’s Fiber Optic Cable Network.

  • SKYFiBER implements the latest and most advanced design of wireless technology

for industrial-grade solution, improving transmit power and increasing receive sensitivity.


iFORTE continues to expand our SKYFiBER network around Indonesia starting from Jakarta, and other big cities.




For more information please contact our sales at
021-2358-6320 or