Strong Network Presence at Jakarta

M-Wifo, which stands for Metropolitan Wireless Fiber Optic is iForte’s business line geared to provide broadband and Virtual Private Network for diverse corporate and government organizations in Jakarta metropolitan area, using media Fiber Optic network, coupled with mesh broadband wireless (BWA) technology.

Here is some highlighted keys of MWIFO:

  • More than total of 900 km+, installed underneath main streets and business districts in Jakarta metropolitan area and Surabaya city.
  • More than 190 Points of Presence (PoP) at all Trans-Jakarta Busway (Corridor I through Corridor XI) Network’s stations, which cover the most congested street traffic and along the busiest business districts in Jakarta metropolitan area
  • Extensive wireless coverage in Jakarta metropolitan area, with an addition to cover surrounding cities/municipalities – Ja(bo)detabek / Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi – plus Cikarang area.
  • Business partnerships with Leading ISP companies in Indonesia in order to serve vast geographical area of Indonesia archipelago
  • Iforte FO and Wireless networks, which are being utilized by Telcos and other ISPs to serve Jakarta metropolitan area
  • Systems Integrator business, including hardware and software as a part of our turnkey solutions. Furthermore.
  • Business development team and technical team to develop content business as a part of total business solutions offering.


  • The Busway lanes are located in very strategic areas along Jakarta’s busiest main streets, covering almost the whole city.
  • iForte’s Fiber optic backbone in Jakarta is one of it’s most valuable assets, which will increase in value over time as it’s getting more difficult to obtain digging permits in Jakarta

Almost 220 bus stations in all 12 corridors of busway where iForte can put Network Equipment and radio antennas:

  • Large number of access points give a big advantage for M-WIFO to serve customers nearby the busway lines, passing through the busiest and major streets in Jakarta
  •  iForte provides Wifi-Offload services at a number of Busway stations in Jakarta
  • Iforte’s network is being used by Transjakarta for e-ticketing, CCTV and operation management
  • The Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) links placed at busway stations can be used as backup links as necessary.