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Friday, 11 August 2023 12:00

Inside Pagelaran Sabang Merauke Rehearsals: Cantika Abigail, Dian Hp, and Other Performers

Jakarta- Several artists across genres and generations are rehearsing ahead of the Pagelaran Sabang Merauke ' Pahlawan Nusantara', which will be held on 19 August and 20 August 2023 at the JIExpo Theatre, Jakarta. The lead singers for the event are Isyana Sarasvati, Cantika Abigail, Swain Mahisa, Alsant Nababan, Taufan Purbo, Mirabeth Sonia, Christine Tambunan, Nino Prabowo, Yuyun Arfah, Gabriel Harvianto, alongside the Batavia Madrigal Singers, and the Jakarta Concert Orchestra. The event also presents popular music arrangers: Avip Priatna, Dian HP, and Dunung Basuki.

Cantika Abigail felt enthusiastic about her performance for Pagelaran Sabang Merauke, initiated by iForte and BCA. The member of the GAC music group reputes that the Pagelaran Sabang Merauke' Pahlawan Nusantara' is a magnificent and colossal show packed with a series of national and folk music to theatrical performances portraying the fights of Indonesia's national heroes.

"I am very excited to be involved in the Pagelaran Sabang Merauke 'Pahlawan Nusantara.' I think this is an impressive show because it introduces the richness of Indonesian culture through a spectacular and very entertaining performance. Apart from that, this performance can foster a love for culture and respect for Indonesia's heroes for the younger generation. Moreover, the performers involved are those whose capabilities are no doubt in their respective fields and are diverse. So that it can describe the diversity of Indonesia," said Cantika during a rehearsal session at The Resonanz Studio, South Jakarta, Tuesday (8/8).

At the Sabang Merauke Show' Pahlawan Nusantara,' Cantika will sing national and folk songs, including Aku Papua, Hela Rotane, and Indonesia Raya. The Ambon-born singer feels challenged to perform songs from his hometown and other numbers. Moreover, apart from requiring her to sing a melodious voice, Cantika also had to change into a number of traditional attire during her upcoming appearance.

"The song that I think has the highest difficulty level is Hela Rotane because the choreography differs from the other songs I have performed. Plus, it must accurately describe the song's origins, Maluku. Maybe also because there is a sentimental element; my mother is descended from Ambon. But I will do my best at the upcoming Pagelaran Sabang Merauke "Pahlawan Nusantara'," said the singer of the single Start Over.

Meanwhile, well-known composer Dian HP will take on the task of music director at the Sabang Merauke Performance' Pahlawan Nusantara', together with his son Ammir Gita, founder of Batavia Madrigal Singers, Avip Priatna, arranger of traditional music Dunung Basuki, and Meidy Ratnasari. For her, the collaboration with these musicians will bind beauty to support theatrical performances, regional and contemporary dances, Indonesian ethnic dress parades, as well as 31 national and folk songs that will be performed on stage.

"The Pagelaran Sabang Merauke 'Pahlawan Nusantara' is a magnificent show and should be witnessed by Indonesian society because we can dive into the culture of the country through a beautifully packaged performance of various collaborations ranging from dance, music, clothing to stage performances. We will present harmonious and rich strains from the music line by combining traditional and modern music," said Dian Hadipranowo.

Dunung Basuki was once again trusted to arrange the traditional music for Pagelaran Sabang Merauke. Kidung, as he is affectionately known, promises a special surprise with a series of repertoires from the beginning 'til the end that will leave the audience in awe. For the third time involved in this performance, apart from giving regional ethnic nuances, the collaboration of Kidung with Dian HP to Avip Priatna will make the music feel grander and fresher than the previous two editions.

"The difference in terms of music in this show, because there is involvement from a number of other music directors as well as the orchestra and choir, we have to share space to create music that plays perfectly. Before Ms. Dian HP and other musicians arranged songs, we discussed together to explore the characters, song literature one by one, and explore the potential or possibilities that could be collaborated on," said Kidung.

Apart from the musicians and singers, no less than 200 local dancers involved in the Pagelaran Sabang Merauke ' Pahlawan Nusantara' also underwent a training session for approximately one month in Yogyakarta to perform optimally. Big names in the performing arts stage also took part in this performance. Sandhidea Cahyo Narpati, Pulung Jati, Dian Bokir, and Rizqy Dhafin collaborated on the choreography line for visual matters. Director Rusmedie Agus sweetly concluded the harmonization of the performers.

Meanwhile, in the fashion line, many well-known Indonesian designers will also showcase their best collections with Indonesian ethnic nuances. They include Ivan Gunawan, Era Soekamto, Danny Satriadi, Denny Wirawan, Ghea Panggabean, Taufik Bachtiar, and some other Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (IPMI) members. There were also the names Iwan Tirta Private Collection and Griya Ageman, who also exhibited the Wastra Nusantara collection in this show.

Besides enjoying performing arts on the main stage, visitors to the Sabang Merauke Festival will also be invited to explore the diversity of Indonesian culture through a cultural fair that takes place outside the performance area. Visitors can also visit the MSME festival, which involves 48 MSMEs assisted by BCA BanggaLocal and iForte and 3 Bakti BCA-assisted villages.

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