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Sunday, 2 April 2023 03:00

Celebrating 21 Years, iForte Inaugurates iForte Technology, Operation and Project Office and Launches New Logo

In celebration of its 21st anniversary, iForte inaugurated the iForte Technology, Operation, and Project (TOP) office at Menara Pertiwi, located in the Mega Kuningan area, South Jakarta. The inauguration of the new office building aims to fulfill efforts to form an integrated telecommunications company ecosystem. iForte uses four floors divided according to each department's work function; where one of the floors is the Network Operation Center (NOC) or an integrated service quality monitoring center, which is iForte's primary facility to ensure the quality of all services.

Silvi Liswanda, Vice President Director and Chief of Sales & Marketing of iForte explained that the new office was built to the needs of iForte, which wants to continue to provide the best service for its customers. "As customers and service traffic increase, iForte needs a dynamic and innovative work environment to support our services. And, in this new office, we built an integrated monitoring center to find out what customers are encountering and what to do as a preventive step in serving their needs."

Until the beginning of 2023, iForte owned and operated more than 150,000 km of fiber optics spread throughout Indonesia, so the office area in the Menara Pertiwi building is targeted as an operational center and is expected to be able to realize new collaborations in providing telecommunication infrastructure to meet expectations of the customers.

At the same time, iForte has officially updated the company logo with a fresher look. The new primary logo still uses the iForte typography but without the italic format and is presented upright, and uses yellow as the primary color. The iForte logo is positioned in the center of the display box, with black as the secondary color. The use of yellow and black in the logo is a new characteristic of iForte to bring out a professional spirit but still look fun and energetic.

The logo rebranding of iForte can bring the company's commitment to continually growing sustainably for a better life. It is expected to provide enthusiasm and inspiration for all employees to continue to grow.