About iFortepreneur 4.0

Digital Business Plan Competition for UMKM

PT. iForte Solusi Infotek in collaboration with our partners is proud to present iFortepreneur 4.0; a business plan competition aimed at providing local small and medium enterprises (SME) wishing to transition into a digital landscape an important jump-start to growing their presence within the Indonesian market.
Finalists will receive specialized assistance on how to prepare their respective businesses for such a transformation over a specific period of time.
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The digitization of SMEs (Small-Mediums businesses) encompasses efforts made by actors within the industry to expedite the development of their respective businesses through digitalization. Currently, digitizing one’s enterprise remains a necessary step businesses need to take should they wish to keep up with today’s rapidly transforming market. Businesses will have to adjust to digital platforms and services across all sorts of industries in order to create a more productive, efficient business ecosystem.

iFortepreneur 4.0 is a realization of iForte’s mission of providing connective infrastructure that supports a better, digitally-savvy life. Through iFortepreneur 4.0, the company will provide a plethora of activities designed systematically at providing learning opportunities, knowledge exchange and competitions revolving around the concept of digitizing SMEs.

iFortepreneur 4.0 is supported by the Bandung Institute of Technology’s School of Business and Management, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Cooperation and Small-Medium Businesses, as well as a number of different media partners; all to provide a competitive experience that involves leading academic and industrial experts well-versed within the realm of SMEs and the digital sector.

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Detail Timeline

Participation and Eligibility

Participation in Ifortepreneur 4.0 is limited to small-to-medium businesses in Indonesia, with priority given towards those with a yearly turnover below 5 million rupiahs.

Further details regarding participation can be read within the participant handbook.

Important Information
Winners will be determined based on variables such as: originality and impact of the proposed business case idea. Additional points will be granted to business ideas with the largest potential in creating lasting, meaningful impact on the wider community.
Winners will be selected by a designated panel

Further details can be read further in the participant handbook.

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