iForte Introduces New Tagline

iForte Introduces New Tagline

Over the past decade, service connectivity is vital to people’s digital needs not only as a medium of communication but also as a support in the many aspects of life. The increasing need for connectivity services has influenced the development of Indonesia’s telecommunication industry, including PT iForte Solusi Infotek as a telecommunication infrastructure service provider that has been serving more than 1,400 corporate customers from various industries across Indonesia.

In 2021, iForte is entering its 19th year as a business actor in the Indonesian telecommunication industry. It marks a long journey in providing connectivity service for its customers. Marking its progress and responding to the active dynamic of the telecommunication industry, the company introduces a new tagline: "Connectivity for a Better Life." This tagline is inspired by the passion to provide connectivity services for a better life and at the same time affirms the company's commitment to always have a positive impact on people's lives.

iForte's passion to provide connectivity services is fully supported by PT Protelindo as the holding company. Protelindo itself is a subsidiary of PT Sarana Menara Nusantara, Tbk (TOWR), Indonesia’s largest independent owner and operator of towers. By the end of 2020, Protelindo owns and operates nearly 22,000 towers across Indonesia.

Aming Santoso, iForte’s CEO & President Director, said that the introduction of the new tagline “Connectivity for a Better Life” made a momentum to communicate the vision of becoming a company that always provides added value in business connectivity services that support a better standard of living. "Entering the new year of 2021, iForte has initiated many internal transformation to embody the spirit of the Connectivity for a Better Life tagline," said Aming.

Internal transformation began last year by evaluating and improving business processes in various functions. Innovation and organizational restructuring are carried out so that inter-line coordination can run more effectively and efficiently. Starting from this year, iForte will implement the SAP business system and digital platform to support work accuracy and integration. In addition, in human resource iForte is committed to continuing its creativity in providing a positive and productive work environment.

Service standard for customers and employee productivity make two important iForte's strengths. The spirit of productivity does not stop only at management level but also it extends to all personnels in the company. Thus, the company is expected to become a provider of connectivity services that stays close to customers and become a customers’ partner who provides digital solutions for various kinds of needs of all Indonesians.

Silvi Liswanda, iForte's Vice President Director of Marketing & Sales, added that this new tagline is a form of spirit to position the company as an important partner for every customer. All individuals involved are then required to make sure that iForte’s connectivity services can run optimally.

"We understand that iForte's connectivity service is vital for the continuity of our customers' business, especially in serving their respective customers. For us, the company's success is not only in providing connectivity services, but also at the time when the services provided can have a positive impact on customers," said Silvi.

Source: https://swa.co.id/swa/trends/iforte-kenalkan-tagline-baru-connectivity-for-better-life

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