iForte Builds Indonesia’s Telco Network

iForte Builds Indonesia’s Telco Network

PT iForte Solusi Infotek was founded in 2002, at a time when the digital world was not yet as encompassing as it is now. In that year, iForte was already running the VSAT, ISP, and outsourcing business and acquired a fixed closed telecommunication network license and a license as an internet service provider. "Therefore, iForte has been part of Indonesia’s telecommunication in Indonesia for quite a long time," said Rony Ardhitia, iForte’s Vice President Director of Technology & Operations.

In the following years, iForte began to establish itself as a provider of telecommunication network services based on optical cables, communication satellites, and wireless broadband as well as Micro BTS. By 2020, iForte owns and operates more than 6,000 VSAT sites. At present, iForte has succeeded in networking more than 10,000 towers in Indonesia with fiber-optic cables. As of now, iForte has 34,200km of fiber-optic cables and is targeting to reach more than 40,000km by the end of 2020. This further strengthens iForte's focus as an important part of Indonesia's telecommunication business.

Today, iForte serves 1,000 companies and all telecommunication operators in Indonesia by providing data communication service, internet connectivity, and tower infrastructure. iForte Solusi Infotek is committed to being the leading telecommunication infrastructure service provider in Indonesia. "We continue to offer the best service to our customers," said Pak Rony, as the man was often called. The commitment to this infrastructure development is a testament to iForte's passion to serve its customers.

iForte’s Strength

Rony said that iForte’s success was fronted by three important things.

To begin with, iForte's enthusiasm to build a telecommunication network is fully supported by PT Protelindo as the holding company of iForte. Protelindo itself is a subsidiary of PT Sarana Menara Nusantara, Tbk (TOWR), the largest independent owner and operator of towers in Indonesia who owns more than 21,000 towers across the nation.

iForte also realizes that service strength is priority. Not only is iForte pursuing growth rates by expanding service coverage, but also it consistently maintains always-on network quality. Network activation is essential. "There’s no meaning in building an extensive fiber-optic cable backbone network when the service is inactive. iForte sets high service standards to maintain network service performance.

Last but not the least is having a reliable employee support. iForte focuses on developing employees starting with building the company's core values as the main foundation for work. iForte is committed to providing a positive and productive work environment. The importance of employment standard and productivity makes up one of the strengths of iForte. The spirit of productivity does not stop only at management level but also it extends to all lines. “As a service business, we realize that employees are the biggest and most important asset we have. We build our employees’ spirit to make iForte a place to grow and move forward together,” said Rony. The strength of employees is critical to the success of the company.

iForte's strategy going forward

Today’s need for digitalization is a unique advantage for iForte. In particular, corporate segmentation makes one of iForte’s foci in the coming years. "We see that the COVID-19 pandemic has increasingly encouraged corporations to hasten the digital adaptation and transformation. Hence we are highly optimistic that we will grow bigger as a result of the increasing trend of digitalization among corporations," added Rony.

Not only in the corporate segment, today’s telecommunication operators are also closely linked to other businesses such as finance, especially in cashless payments, media and more. This opens up growth opportunities for operators, including iForte. On the other hand, Indonesia's geography are a constant challenge for telecommunications network coverage. This condition further encourages iForte to continue building telecommunication infrastructure networks to support the ever increasing cellular network coverage.

iForte is committed to continue to play a role and develop Indonesia by developing telecommunication infrastructure networks across the archipelago Indonesia for telecommunication network connectivity. "That’s in accordance with the motto of iForte, Connectivity for Better Life," concluded Rony.

(Source: https://www.komite.id/2020/08/12/iforte-membangun-jaringan-telekomunikasi-indonesia/)

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